Practice squad quarterbacks don’t usually have to prepare to actually play in a game. Or talk to the media.

But such is not the case in Indianapolis this week, where Brett Hundley is reportedly taking first-team reps with starter Carson Wentz dealing with a pair of ankle sprains.

Hundley joined the Colts early on in training camp and didn’t play much in this year’s preseason, attempting only 12 passes. But it seems like there’s a good chance he’ll at least have a role in Sunday’s matchup with the Titans — and that role may be starting.

Speaking to reporters on Thursday, Hundley described his mentality as, “Stay ready so you don’t have to get ready.”

“Honestly, I just take it one week at a time every week I’ve been here — learning the offense, getting things down more than I had the day before,” Hundley said. “My preparation hasn’t changed at all. It’s Year Seven for me so I sort of know how to roll with things.”

Hundley last appeared in a game in 2019 for Arizona. But he hasn’t made a start since 2017, when he filled in for Aaron Rodgers for nine games. Green Bay compiled a 3-6 record in that span. That year, Hundley completed 61 percent of his passes for 1,836 yards with nine touchdowns and 12 interceptions.

Hundley said he learned from that experience that things change fast in the NFL.

“With the NFL, with football, it’s one of the biggest things, especially being a backup quarterback,” Hundley said. “You just have to be ready and sometimes that means being ready in any given situation.”

It’s been a while since he played in that Green Bay scheme, but Hundley said some of the elements translate to what he’s doing now with the Colts. And that’s helped his comfort level.

“I feel good with this offense,” Hundley said. “You learn it and you take it one day at a time and no matter what happens, each day it’s just figuring it out and I’ll be ready if called upon.”

That the Colts would even give Hundley practice reps says a lot about what they think of Jacob Eason and how the second-year quarterback likely doesn’t give Indianapolis the best chance to win. Whatever this team does at QB in Week Three will give the matchup with Tennessee an extra dose of intrigue.