WhatsApp is reportedly working on a new feature that would let users convert images to stickers. Once the development of the tool is complete, users will see a new sticker icon or button while sending an image to another user. It will essentially allow users to send an image in a compressed format that will take less time to load as well. Additionally, it will technically now give users the option to create their own sticker directly via the app instead of relying on third-party apps. This option is said to be under development, and it will be available with a future update.

The development was spotted by notable WhatsApp updates tracker WABetaInfo on WhatsApp Desktop beta version 2.2137.3. The publication notes that the feature is useful as it “allows to quickly create a sticker from an image, without using any third-party app.” The image to sticker conversion feature will be particularly useful for iOS users as Apple does not allow third-party sticker creator apps to operate on the Apple app store. On the other hand, there are several apps that offer custom and celebratory stickers on the Google Play app store.

Meanwhile, the Facebook-owned messaging app is also testing a ‘voice message transcription‘ feature to turn your voice inputs into text. The benefit of the option is that people won’t have to rely on typing, especially for long messages. WhatsApp already offers the option to sent Voice Notes that recently got an upgrade to manage playback speed. Voice Notes aims to bring the same benefit of sending long messages but in the form of an audio file. The latest voice message transcription is said to be under development, and stable rollout details remain unclear. The voice message transcription may also roll out on WhatsApp Web. WhatsApp is to share official information on the image to sticker conversion tool and voice message transcription feature.