A former Disney worker has gone viral after sharing her account of performing as Tinker Bell for guests.

Her experiences left people reeling – as it seems it wasn’t just children who flocked to see their favourite Disney characters perform.

Sarah Daniels, 32, who performed as Tinker Bell from hit flick Peter Pan, said married men often tried to give her their hotel keys.

The ex-employee, who talks about her experiences of working for Disney on TikTok, was asked by a follower if any father’s had ‘hit on her’ because she was dressed as Tinker Bell.

“I feel like if dudes are going to be creeps and hit on you, they’re going to hit on you whether you’re a character or not,” Daniels said in response.

“But there were many moments, especially as Tinker Bell, where I had married men hand me keys to their hotel room and tell me where they were staying,” the former Disney cast member continues.

She added that she was “caught really off guard” whenever it happened.

Sarah said: “Usually if I was having an issue, I would divert them to my character attendant because you’re not supposed to say no.

“Straight up, no is not in your vocabulary, you have to find ways around ‘no.'”

She added: “Usually, you divert the attention to the character attendant and they would take care of the creepy dad for you.”

Viewers were left creeped out by her admission, with one commenting: “I cannot even process how people do that, so crazy.”

Another added: “Wait like….that would actually happen? I am shook.”

A third commented: “Your job is to bring joy and wonder to children. It’s hard to comprehend how pathetic some guys are. Thanks for all you do BTW.”